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Blue Step - EMR BlueStep Electronic Medical Record

BlueStep Manuals, Help, Contact Info
Testing of new EMR site
Blue Step - Applications Online Application BlueStep
ESHA Dietary Menu Planing ESHA Dietary Services
Midas - Strategic Performance Management Midas
Midas Manuals
Material Saftey Data Sheets (MSDS) MSDS
Username: dan00321010
Password: d@niels1!

New Hire, CPR, HWC Certification, and Other Calendars

New Hire Training Calendar,
CPR, & HWC Certification Dates
Family Week Calendar

Alpine School District Annual Calendars
2020 New Hire & Recert Training Calendar
2019 CPR & HWC Calendar
2019 Family Week Calendar

2019 - 2020 Alpine School District Annual Calendar
2018 - 2019 Alpine School District Annual Calendar

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Center for Change IS/Computer/Network Support

CFC IS/Network Support
James Longhurst
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Employee Email, Resources, Benefits, Training & Computer Access:
Email Systems Corp Outlook (CORP\ctr5lastI)
Outlook 2013 OWA User Guide Upgraded on April 6, 2015
Employee VPN Access with VIP Security VIP Login - VIP Needs to be Installed to Enable your devices
Install Site
Computer and Email Password Reset (This can only be done from within our facility) Password Reset & Enrollment
Active Directory Update
Employee Benefits and Open Enrollment Information 2019 UHS Benefits Service Center
HealthStream E-Learning Center HealthStream
HealthStream - Away from office
Handle With Care Handle With Care Video
Handle With Care Agreement
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Service Excellence Personal Action Plan
Clinical and Dietary Ongoing Training Clinical and Dietary Ongoing Training
Employee Appraisal Training (All Staff) Employee Appraisal Training at Home
Manager Appraisal Training (Managers) Manager Appraisal Training at Home
CMHS Renaissance Place Renaissance System
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